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Intersections Consulting

Bridging people. Building community. Advancing equality.
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Headed by a Black lesbian Psychologist with strong social justice values and 25 years experience that bridges multiple fields and sectors -- healthcare, social services, youth development, teaching/research, nonprofit, philanthropy, and sports/athletics -- Intersections Consulting (IC) provides consultation, training, coaching, technical assistance, and facilitation in:

  • Mental Health
  • Organizational Development/Capacity Building
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Planning and Curricula Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Youth Development
  • Fundraising
  • Power/Privilege and Diversity
  • Sports/Athletics and Health

Services are relevant for an array of fields that exist in and cross multiple sectors -- nonprofit, philanthropy, academic, hospitals/clinics, grassroots, and government.

IC's mission is to build bridges of deep respect and acceptance across boundaries that artificially divide us while advancing access to opportunities.  IC uses a systemic, developmental, and strengths-based approach grounded in the sociocultural realities of clients.

"I am a builder -- not of homes, furniture, electronics, automobiles, or other physical infrastructures one can instantly see and touch -- but a builder of new ways of thinking.  New thinking that leads to genuine equality and justice for all."


Intersections Consulting 

Darlene A. Hall, Ph.D.                                               
Psy #16666